This is my creative design studio based in Woking.
I support the growth of companies and personal brands through Web Design, Branding, Digital Content and Creativity.

Fields of expertise

I develop custom websites and blogs with exquisite taste and attention to detail. I also follow every stage of the process including the design, development, testing and maintenance after completion.

My aim is helping my clients to built an effective digital strategy by optimizing their resources by careful tailored planning and custom premium attention.

The soul of your business in the digital environment is having personalized content and I am a content creator. I cover writing blog posts, newsletters, regular communications and any other material required for improving social media channels.

The visual content is a key identity for business. I can shoot professional photos, create and edit corporative videos and design creative personalized presentations for social media channels.


There are some of the companies and personal brands which I have partnered for optimizing their digital projects.

About me

Creative Design Studio in Woking

Food Lover 🍕 | Slow Life 🌿 |  Colors inspire me 🌈

I am Melania, founder of reinbou planet, my creative digital design studio based in Woking.

I was born and raised in Madrid and since 2018 I relocated to the UK to share a life together with my F1. I have  two passions, the first is being creative which is the key strength of this boutique studio. The second is gastronomy. I am currently thinking in opening a recipes blog…

My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication and a PhD degree in Fine Arts (D.F.A), focused in Antropologhy & Digital Environments. With over 18 years of professional experience I have covered the fields of advertising agencies, banking, national publishing groups and marketing consulting.

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